The Black magic is the industry leading Concentrate cleanup machine. It out performs any other type of finishing machine. The Black magic is similar to a “Miller table” It is similar to a slate or Chalk board table. The difference is the Type of material we use on our table. The material we use creates a static grip of contact with the gold particles that keep the gold from being swept off or down the table. The Black magic weights only 4 lbs and is 8”wide and 36” long. The length of the table allows the gold ample amount of time for the gold particles to settle and grip onto the rubber, the narrow width allows for a controlled uniform flow of water. With the proper water flow the table allows you to recover even the smallest particles of gold. With the Black magic your gold recovery will increase substantially. Don’t waste your money on the other products that don’t work of fine gold.The spirals and Bowls look good and they look neat running, but looks are not always what meets the eye.

BMG, Black Magic

  • Key Features:

    .063" Aluminum

    36” X 8” X 1”

    Proprietary Neoprene Rubber

    500 GPH pump & Stand, Alligator clips

    Snuffer bottle, Yellow Squeegee, 1/2oz vial

    2’ Vinyl tubing, Valve & Spray Bar

    4 Lbs