Add a deluxe model riffle tray 36 inches long for $49.95.


The Cascade is the only Mini High banker of its kind it has so many more uses than just that of any other Mini on the market. And not only does it have more to offer you it is priced better than any other as well. You will not find a better deal for what you have in the Cascade. The Cascade uses classification from the beginning to the end.

Like most other Mini High bankers there is just a upper grizzly and then the screened rocks drop into just a plain old sluice box! The Cascade separates your gold while it is in the upper grizzly or what we call slurry box. The Gold Drops through a punch plate cut out and into the first of two removable trays.

This tray is mounted underneath the slurry box. The two removable trays are lined with Rubber Vor-tec matting that classifies your gold and hold it in place while the other rocks and gravels continue the process to the sluice box. What gold that is not caught in the upper removable tray will then drop down to be screened again then drop into the second tray.

The second tray can be removed while you are still processing material to check on any gold recovery. The Cascade has a full section of raised expanded metal the whole length of the Sluice box of the riffles. The riffles and a solid one piece aluminum cut riffle that is mounted on a hinges and two draw clamps that keep the riffles in the sluice this ensures that your riffles will never get ruined by taking them out of the machine.

Like mentioned before both of the trays can be removed for ease of clean out and checking for gold in your box without ever having to shut down. Just remove and rinse the contents into a clean pan. The carpet under the riffles is the same it can be easily removed and cleaned and replaced. It is a rubber backed carpet that will last many uses of your Cascade. One of the other neat features of the Cascade is the Stand it is the only stand that is adjustable to any size sluice box. Check out the video on our web-site for the sluice Stand.

Cascade SR2 High Banker, 10in wide

  • Key Features:

    .063" Aluminum

    28” X 7.75” X 8.5” Cal lapsed

    1200 GPH Pump with Alligator Clips

    Full Carpet Cover of Raised Expanded Metal

    6 Riffles, 2 Hungarian Style.

    Removable Trays both lined Vortex Rubber

    18 Lbs shipped

    6’ 1 1/8” Corrugated Hose