The standard Cascade is our smaller version of the Cascade what we did was make it just a bit smaller, all of the features are still the same, the smaller unit does the same exact thing as out large Cascade, the only difference is 1 inch in width.

The Cascade units are proving themselves to be one of the best high bankers on the market, the LDMA has ordered them for their camps and are being used at all of the common digs, they have already been used at most of the camps this year and the responses from the participants is staggering, they have said that they have never seen so much fine gold ever recovered at any of the digs that most of the regular participants have ever been at.

That says a lot about the Cascade. Now as far as the standard Cascade you will see the same results in your unit these machines really do hold the gold, you will notice that in the first time you run your machine, the great thing about the Cascade units is you do not have to shut down to do a cleanup all you have to do is remove the trays rinse them in a 5 gallon bucket or tub or pan and replace them and go back to digging. These machines really do the WORK for you.

Cascade SR1 High Banker, 7.5in wide

  • Key Features:

    .063" Aluminum

    28” X 6.75” X 8.5” Cal lapsed

    1200 GPH Pump with Alligator Clips

    Full Carpet Cover of Raised Expanded Metal

    6 Riffles, 2 Hungarian Style.

    Removable Trays both lined Vortex Rubber

    18 Lbs shipped

    6’ 3/4” Corrugated Hose